A pocket full of raisins
Hello, good evening and welcome

Hello, good evening and welcome

Hello! Welcome to A Pocket Full of Raisins.

As you can see this is all fairly new, so I’ll answer the two questions you probably have: What’s this all about? And why does it have such a silly name?

What is A Pocket Full of Raisins?

In essence, this is a dad blog. I’m a father to one three-year-old son, and much of what I write here will be about my various (mis)adventures as a dad. I don’t pretend to be a parenting expert – far from it – but I’m hoping that by sharing my experiences and what little I can offer in the way of advice it might help somebody. Or at the very least, it will show that actually none of us know what we’re doing so you’re definitely not alone if you feel lost.

As well as being a dad it’s important to me to be other things as well. I’m also a scuba diver, a climber, a frustrated musician, a book lover and many other things besides, and trying to juggle all those things can be very hard. I’m always on the lookout for tips and techniques to make it easier so as I try things out I’ll share them with you, whether they work or not, so you can see if they might help you. Which leads me nicely onto…

What’s with that name?

I’m all for making life easier where possible, as will become evident in future posts. When you have a toddler, there is one thing that will definitely do that. Something so powerful I feel a slight panic if I’m caught without it. Something that will avert a tantrum, distract attention from a scraped knee or induce just a bit more walking from tired little legs. This, then, is my first tip: never leave the house without a pocket full of raisins.

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